Buja Express is looking for local reporters to take part in brand new Local Journalism project

Buja Express has always been dedicated to covering the biggest topics that are most relevant to millions of Burundians.

However, they feel that they have been growing with the focus on what’s happening around the biggest news-making centers, such as Bujumbura and Gitega, while most of developments in other regions gets past us and most other national media outlets.

Therefore, they’ve decided it’s time they resolve this conundrum with their brand new initiative – the Local Journalism Project. What is it all about? The Local Journalism Project is aimed at young and aspiring reporters who can reside literally anywhere in Burundi, except Bujumbura and Gitega . They are specifically interested in:

  • Major local developments
  • Major social and economic issues that affect local population
  • Anything that is underreported by the mainstream media.


You must have at least several already published materials (blogs will do as well); You must have a keen knowledge of what’s happening in your area and ambition to tell this story to a nation-wide audience; Experience in the digital media will be a plus, but is not a crucial requirement.

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