Click, click: See our pick of Top 5 Burundian websites of 2015!

These are my top 5 websites for 2015, and they have been selected for different reasons, from design to content, from platform to rise. I also added two extras that should be on everyone’s radar especially for 2015.

Iwacu Burundi– Like it or not, this website has to be on any Top 10 compilation – well under the blog, news, gossip, entertainment category. Iwacu has done a good job in 2015 to keep the content flowing – from photos, to videos, and from the occasional one liner to the full fledged articles. The website did get global recognition along the way with features and mentions from the BBC and CNN online. No doubt this website will be very much around come 2016 – as we’d always want our daily dose of brief entertainment news and gossip and no one dishes it better than Iwacu Burundi.

Buja Express – This is a fresh online newspaper. This website took local content aggregation to a while new level for 2015. Boom out of nowhere it has built a readership and social media community of hundreds of thousand. It also found its way the top 20 most visited local sites in Burundi. If you’re looking for presentation and good looks, you may not find it on Buja Express as design doesn’t seem to be on the table – but it churns out aggregated content by the minute, plus it’s photo of the day seem to be doing the site good. People want a go-to place for all things local content, and Buja Express is just filling up that gap. The news are published on

Great Lakes Mix – This is the closest we’d get to E! Online. When you think Buja’s upper east side events, fashion, and music, GLM comes top of the list. Perhaps the most expensive website to place an ad for 2015, the site is looking to launch verticals like business, and style and alternative content like videos – looking for how this would be sustained in 2016. What’s the difference between Great Lakes Mix and Buja Express? Let’s just say there is a better level of moderation, and presentation of content from both ends – i.e. the content creator, and readers. #GoFigure

Esoko – Olivier, and Sabunta came and then formed Voltron to birth Esoko, whether you agree or not, you must have seen a Esoko Ad if you surfed the internet on a PC in 2015. Yes, you must have seen it! Definitely shows how much the site was heavily advertised on Google AdChoices – and this in turn guaranteed visits as reflected on the website’s Alexa ranking – 20th most visited Burundian website in 3 months.

Before I forget, is an online retail website where you can order gadgets, books, clothes, and have it delivered to you nationwide.

BConnect – ‘You go connect, I go connect, She go connect, We go connect’. That’s from the popular YouTube ad featuring DJ Tee and OJB Jezreel. BConnect did not take too long to break into the Top 10 most visited local sites in Burundi, and seem to be the go to place to find anything. Yes, it’s a listing site for businesses, and places in general. Other value added services like target marketing via email and SMS is also provided, as well as social media management due to its large accumulation of big data.

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